Still working on games.  Got fanart for characters, I feel so flattered.

Wow, too long

2013-06-26 02:05:38 by H3LLRAISOR

I haven't made a post here in an incredibly long time. Mainly because I never got to submit games here unfortunately. However We're currently working on a small little Indie title called Scrublys, we've been working on this little project on good will for the past year. Man we've made progress.

Originally we we're trying to bust out a little demo on Python, however we changed the game to operating it through C# and the difference is quite noticeable. We have a beloved artist who gives our game the life and quirky joy we're bringing to the table. A kick-ass musician and talented programers. Then there's myself, the guy running it, and I have the least amount of education and experience. However this project has been going on for a year straight under my watch, and I would rather die and be damned than give it up. Scrublys will live but we need your support. So that way we can make even more games for you to enjoy.

Scrublys is a Tough as nails platformer about three blobs saving a pretty looking blob from an evil looking blob. A rescue mission turns to chaos halfway through and then becomes a quest of redemption.


artwork done by Leslie Gomez

Wow, too long